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"Popular Event Management Packages in Mumbai "

A.Corporate Event Management Packages
1. Lunch at Resort/Hotel + 2 Hour Team Building Activities+ PA System 
2. Dinner at Resort/Hotel + Female Mc + Funny Games for 3 hours 
3. Lunch at Resort/Hotel + D.J. + Team Building Activities
4. Dinner at Resort/Hotel + D.J. + Funny Games

B.Social Event Management Packages
1. D.J. + Funny Activities + Karaoke + Lunch or Dinner 
2. Anchor + D.J. + Family Games + Dinner or Lunch
3. Party Games + PA System + Karaoke + Yoga Session + Dinner or Lunch
4. Magician + Family Funny Games + Anchor + Karaoke + Dinner or Lunch
5. D.J. + Mimicry + Fun Games + Lunch or Dinner
6. Dancers + Anchors + Fun Games + Lunch or Dinner

C. Other Services related with Events 
1. Stage + Flex + Backdrop
2. Balloon Decoration + Arch 
3. Flower Decoration + Entry Gate
4. Cut-Outs + Super Structures

D. Artist Management 
1. Dance Troupes & Classical Dancers 
2. International Artist 
3. Female D.J. & Anchors
4. Band & Drummers
5. Bollywood Female Actors

6. Bands and Drummers
7. Comedians & Illusionists 

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Birthday Event Management Company in Mumbai

People celebrate Birthday once in a year when a person celebrates the anniversary of her or his Birth day. Birthdays can be celebrated in different styles , Cultures , Traditions ,  Party , get together etc. Many religion celebrate the birth of their founders with special holidays . A Birthday is a Celebration of One's Birth. 

The birthdays of historically significant people, such as national heroes or founders, are often commemorated by an official holiday marking the anniversary of their birth. A person's Golden or Grand Birthday, also referred to as their "Lucky Birthday", "Champagne Birthday", or "Star Birthday",occurs when they turn the age of their birth day (e.g., when someone born on the 25th of the month turns 25 or when someone born on the ninth turns nine).In many cultures and jurisdictions, if a person's real birthday is not known (for example, if he or she is an orphan), then their birthday may be considered to be January that tradition is followed with horses, their age becoming one, on the first day of the year following their birth and being counted annually after that.

Birthday Traditions 

In many portions of the world an individual's birthday is celebrated by a party where a specially made cake, usually decorated with lettering and the person's age, is presented. The cake is traditionally studded with the same number of lit candles as the age of the individual, or a number candle representing their age. The celebrated individual usually will make a silent wish and attempt to blow out the candles in one breath; if successful, a tradition holds that the wish will be granted. In many cultures, the wish must be kept secret or it won't "come true". Presents are bestowed on the individual by the guests appropriate to her/his age. Other birthday activities may include entertainment (usually by a hired professional, i.e. a clown, magician, or musician, Party games, Activities organizer or anchor), and a special toast or speech by the birthday celebrant. The last stanza of Patty Hill's and Mildred Hill's famous song, "Good Morning to You" (unofficially titled "Happy Birthday to You") is typically sung by the guests at some point in the proceedings. 

Name Days 
In some historically Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox countries , it is common to have a name day or Saint's day. It is celebrated in much the same way as a birthday, but it is held on the official day of a saint with the same Christian name as the birthday person; the difference being that one may look up a person's name day in a calendar, or easily remember common name days (for example, John or Mary); however in pious traditions, the two were often made to concur by giving a newborn the name of a saint celebrated on its birthday, or possibly the name of a feast

Birthday Cakes 

The birthday cake is traditionally highly decorated, and typically covered with lit candles when presented, the number of candles signifying the age of the celebrant. The person whose birthday it may make a silent wish and then blow out the candles. After that, the person can open their presents. It is also common for the person celebrating their birthday to cut the initial piece of the cake as a newlywed couple might with a wedding cake. The birthday boy/girl traditionally gets to eat the last piece of the cake. A child's birthday celebration, complete with cake

Birthday Parties 

In Western cultures, particularly in the United States and Australia, birthday parties are often accompanied by colorful decorations, such as balloons and streamers. A birthday cake is often served with candles that are to be blown out after a “birthday wish” has been made. While the birthday cake is being brought to the table, the lucky song Happy Birthday to You is sung out of tune by the guests. A practice most common among wealthy people and celebrities, but engaged in by many others as well, is to hire an event management agency or a party service to organize a birthday party.

A child’s birthday party may be held at his/her home or in a public place. Soft drinks are often had alongside water and both sweet and savory foods are typically served to the guests. In many cultures, a birthday cake is served. Birthday parties for children often feature entertainment, costumes, party games, and a theme. Adults’ birthday parties in Western countries are often held in bars or nightclubs. Though some are held at a restaurant or even at home. Usually a birthday party includes gifts for the person whose birthday it is. Most people who come to the birthday party are the ones who have the gifts.

Birthday Presents 

In addition to parties, it is common for people to receive gifts on their birthday. Popular gifts include toys, books, jewelry, clothes, flowers, technical devices, gift cards, checks, paper money, etc. Items such as underwear and socks are generally not as well appreciated by younger children, even if they are emblazoned with popular characters. Sometimes it is expected of the person celebrating their birthday to treat their party guests instead; this varies depending on the local culture and may involve party gifts or other gestures, for example inviting the guests to the restaurant or bar (some of them offer special birthday programs), arranging parties at home, or at work.In South Africa, however, birthdays are highly celebrated. In the townships, everyone one would be invited including the older family members as well, it did not matter how young or old the person was. This celebrations would be noted by big white tents being erected in the yards, which symbolizes a huge celebration of some sort. Birthday presents would range from things such as toys to extravagant gifts such as an animal being slaughtered in their name.

Birthday Greetings 

In most English-speaking countries it is traditional to sing the song Happy Birthday to You to the honored person celebrating a birthday. Happy Birthday songs are common worldwide; similar songs exist in other languages. This song is a common greeting used on birthdays, along with greeting cards and verbal greetings with messages such as "I wish you a Happy Birthday" or "Happy Birthday" .


In French-speaking Canada and the U.S. "Birthday punches" are given in a similar fashion, where the person whose birthday it is being punched a number of times equal to his/her age, often with one additional punch "for luck".In Brazil, Hungary, Argentina, Italy, and other countries, the person has his/her earlobes pulled.The Hungarian tradition also involves at the same time as pulling the earlobes wishing the person a happy birthday or reciting a rhyme whose English translation is "God bless you, live so long so your ears reach your ankles.".

Similar to birthday punches are birthday spankings. While they are usually administered to children, the practice is somewhat common, even in areas and communities or among families where corporal punishment is otherwise frowned upon. The spankings, characteristically, are mostly administered in such a fashion that they do not hurt the recipient at all, or if they do, it is usually only a small "sting". With this tradition the birthday recipient, as a general rule, gets spanked on his or her buttocks the same number of times as the number of years they have been alive, often with a final, extra spank administered as "one to grow on".In Israel, part of the birthday celebration for a child in kindergarten is to lift the decorated chair that the child sits on into the air several times, once for each year of the child's age, plus "one for the next year".In Venezuela, a widespread custom is to attempt the pushing of the person's face into the birthday cake when they blow out the candles. This frequently destroys the cake.Birthday punches are administered throughout the day, but if the "birthday boy" hides from the punches, one final punch is allowed to be given.

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